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Walking and

Writing Practice


Since 1996, I have been combining the practices of silent walking and writing. 

This has brought an amazing layer of depth, surprising insights and clarity to the process of writing. Sometimes the walking provides a window into a scene or character I had been striving to understand. Sometimes is acts as a "cleanser" or buffer between my hectic everyday life and my writing practice. 


Starting in 2015, I will be inviting others to share this practice.


We will meet at Redwood Regional Park, walk in silence for one hour, then return to my home nearby to write for an hour. Sharing aloud will follow, without critique but with kind reflective response. Tea, water and snacks provided.


When: Sundays, starting at 10:00am, until 1:00pm (includes walking, writing, sharing)

Where: meet at Skyline Gate, Redwood Regional Park, Oakland followed by in home writing session (map provided at meeting)


There is no fee, but snacks are welcomed.  You must RSVP here to get instructions and a map.


Upcoming Sundays in 2015:  January 25th, February 22, March 22


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