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Buddy Scholarships

I'm glad to be able to offer one or two "buddy scholarships" for this retreat. What this means is that two friends can come to the retreat together and share a room at a significantly reduced rate. 


I would like to offer this to one or two pairs of buddies who would otherwise be unable to attend this retreat. 


To apply for a buddy scholarship, please send a letter to me that includes the following;


  • complete contact information for both buddies

  • why you want to attend this retreat

  • why a partial scholarship would make it possible for you

  • how much you could contribute to the retreat fees as a pair (shared rooms are $800 for two people - let me know what percentage of that you could pay. Each person does not have to pay the same amount. Just give me your "buddy total fee" proposal)


DEADLINE for Buddy Scholarships is December 1st. I will notify buddies by December 10th if your proposal is accepted. 

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