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I offer overnight retreats - for creativity, restoration, relaxation and community.


EARLY 2022


Sanctuary: A Retreat

NEW DATES: March 18-20, 2022!


Celebrate the return to our retreat with intention, contemplation, quiet and sharing. This weekend retreat at Santa Sabina Center in San Rafael, CA is a lovely opportunity to rest, to sit quietly and think, to write or create art, to nourish ourselves with simple and delicious food.  The retreat features a combination of shared, facilitated time and open time. You may choose to:


• Write! 

• Make art (collage, paint, calligraphy, origami) - with shared

supplies, or bring your own.

• Rest or meditate

• Walk, hike or do yoga (self-led)

• Be a hermit in the Hermitage 


The experience of being at Santa Sabina-- an inexpressibly lovely, calming and inspiring place--- is a gift. You will find many intentionally created spaces for contemplation, creation and just being. Rates include 2 nights lodging, six meals, and use of all facilities. A commuter option is also available. 


Santa Sabina is planning to open for retreats beginning in 2022.  This is welcome news.  They have put in place a number of measures to ensure safety:

Everyone attending must be fully vaccinated, with electronic (not paper) documentation;

Medical grade air filtration units have been installed in the key meeting rooms (the one in the scriptorium is about the size of a refrigerator and is in the back corner) and will be operating throughout the day;

Single occupancies are recommended, with doubles recommended only for people in a common bubble (this is a suggestion, with discretion allowed to groups flexibility in allowing doubles to participants who are not in a bubble);

They are planning to do twice daily cleaning of bathrooms and bathing rooms as a standard practice;

Santa Sabina staff are all fully vaccinated;

Whatever recommendations are provided by CDC and/or local County Medical Officers at the time of the retreat will be applied (at the present time, Marin County is classified as “moderate” so CDC would not require masking indoors, but I am not clear as to whether local requirements would require one, and of course this may change in either direction by February).

Depending on the situation in February, we might provide Binax quick-tests for everyone upon arrival, which would provide a little more peace of mind especially for those who want to dine indoors. 


Fee options:

Customize your retreat options when you register HERE.

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We will be back to Santa Sabina for the first time in 2 years! We hope you will join us.

What Retreatants Have Said...

"Thank you for such a wonderful weekend.  I knew  it would be special -- but I didn't quite realize how needed it was.  I felt so accepted and connected to the women you brought together.  I loved doing the art and sleeping and the setting and the women and YOU and the poems and all of it." - Meg


"What a joy to spend the weekend together. Thank you so much for the gift of peace." - Shizue


" heartfelt gratitude to you for hosting the wonderful retreat at Santa Sabina. I'm still basking in the glow of it all -- mostly from the energy of the sacred time and space you created for all of us to gather in, and from the energy shared silently and spoken with you and the other women." - Carol 


"My weekend at Santa Sabina was sunlight on a purple iris, salads dressed with sanctity, pouring rain, crackling fire, gentle conversation, wild revelations, powerful expressions, and discovery of myself in art and writing. You are a gifted nurturer of community and drew exceptional people with generous hearts together to inspire one another." - Jessica


"Santa Sabina is heaven on earth especially when it is shared with fierce, phenomenal, funny, fragile, focused, writers and artists; both fully engaged in our own healing and witnesses to one another’s process along the way. It was a journey magically unfolding and yet carefully constructed." - Kira


"At Santa Sabina I felt an almost instantaneous sense of welcome and of peace. More than anything, I felt the weary traveler in me was attended to with warm and genuine affection and respect. The atmosphere had a cleansing, peaceful, nurturing effect on my body & soul. There's been no experience so simple and so fulfilling in my life before! Much of the success of this retreat had to do with Santa Sabina grounds itself--the meditative spaces, the rich library, the dignified charm of the dining area, the straw-bale hermitage! I really really loved the place and all of the new friends I met along the way!" - Jaymee




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