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                              Spring 2021



Writing Family Stories, a 6- week class



 A Picture Worth A Thousand Words: Writing from Photographs  (SOME DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE)
Saturdays, May 8-22         

The Writers' Grotto - ONLINE, available anywhere 

SATURDAYS, MAY 8 — 22  |  Photographs can prove to be evocative prompts for compelling pieces of creative nonfiction. What is visible in the photograph, and what is unseen? How does the photograph reflect or contradict memory? Using personal photographs, we will explore many ways to use them as inspiration for flash and short nonfiction, ranging from 140 characters (Tweet length) to 1000-word essays.

Asynchronous learning materials for this class will be available online (via the Wet Ink platform). Scheduled class sessions will take place via Zoom. Registered students, please contact the instructor directly for details.

June 5 & 6          

The Writers' Grotto - ONLINE, available anywhere 

For some writers, first drafts are the fun part. Anything is possible! After that, revision can feel overwhelming. But it can also be fun and rewarding, especially when broken down into manageable components. Come to this 2-day revision boot camp with your manuscript (two hard copies of either a fiction or creative nonfiction piece, 10 pages maximum) and you’ll go through a series of timed stations, examining and working on your pages from a wide angle and up close. Learn how to focus on one element at a time: dialogue, character emotions, setting, sensory details, plotting, time elements, a title brainstorm and more. At the end of this revision workshop, your manuscript will be beautifully polished from every possible angle, and you’ll be able to apply these techniques to any piece of writing.





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